The Road called Life

Over my lifetime, I’ve been totally blessed to have two occupations where I could gleefully skip to work. My amazing father started me snow skiing when I was six and shortly after that, living in a ski resort became a lifelong dream. 16 years later, after receiving my degree from a top ranked business school, I had created a fork in my road called “life”. Straight out of college I interviewed with many on-campus recruiters and landed a job in business but was miserable almost before I started. My “ski” back up plan, which I had started six months earlier, became plan A. Now I was skipping to work skiing sometimes seven days a week at one of America’s great ski resorts, Aspen. Little did I know, a bonus bounce in my step came along when I landed a photographers job on the slopes at Snowmass. My mindset was “Theo, what are your two favorite hobbies and can we pay you handsomely to do them?”

From Snow Skis to Golf Clubs

After trading my snow skis for golf clubs, lo and behold, Spirit struck again on my 26th visit to the Los Cabos area. The starter at the Palmilla golf club happen to pair me up with a local developer who then introduced me to the sales manager. Before I left his office, I told him I would be in touch. I phone or faxed him every 7 days and on the 47th week he told he had a position available, but didn’t even remember what I looked like. His next question was, “how soon can you come down for a second interview?” I was on the next plane at 8 AM the following morning. Everything went great and he asked me if I could stay. Being a licensed broker I had; clients refer, close a small property management company and mortgage company, lease my house, sold my car/buy another etc. He asked me how long it would take and I said 60 days and he said can you do it in 30. On the 31st day the corners of my mouth were touching my earlobes and I was skipping again.

3rd Time Is A Charm

I know I will start skipping to work the moment I relocate back to paradise, probably way sooner. Since I had to shut down the project in 2007 because of the economy, re-starting and completing this project means a tremendous amount to me. Once completed, it’s time for the guests to arrive. During my two stints over eight years as a resident of Cabo, I rented the guest house next-door to this homesite. The landlord rented the main house out nightly so I must have met hundreds of houseguests. When I travel, I always like to seek out local knowledge. Every evening I really got a charge out of hearing their daily stories about places I had sent them to and how thankful they were for my recommendations. Sounds like a concierge in training to me.