Casa Teodoro

Diggin to perform the pool basin construction.

5 of My WHY'S!!

Charitable Opportunities

My "Build, share and donate" vision equates to a real estate endowment for health-challenged children.  We will create a VERY special place that will give back immediately AND in perpetuity.

My vision is to find like-minded philanthropist to provide construction costs and myself providing the land to build it on.  Together, we would create a luxury vacation property for our designated charity to raise significant dollars, i.e. as a high-value item for auctions, a special gift to VIP donors, a fundraising event at the home in Cabo, etc.

I realize for many, almost a million dollars is not available. Also set up is a pediatric cancer Gofundme page with CareShares securing those donations. A private construction acct. has also been set up to eliminate the 3% GFM fee.

There are many amazing, well-run non-profits but one dealing with pediatric “anything” is nearest and dearest to my heart. Two charities that give a TREMENDOUS amount back are the Los Cabos Children's Foundation-LCCF and the Stars & Stripes tournament.   We'd love any input you may have to make this super fun project the BEST it could possibly be.  In advance, the kids and I want to thank you from the bottom of our glowing hearts.