Casa Teodoro

Diggin to perform the pool basin construction.

     MY   WHY'S?

Charitable Opportunities

My "Build, share and donate" vision equates to a real estate endowment for health-challenged children.  We will create a VERY special place that will give back immediately AND in perpetuity.

My vision is to find like-minded philanthropist to provide construction costs and myself providing the land to build it on.  Together, we would create a luxury vacation property for our designated charity to raise significant dollars, i.e. as a high-value item for auctions, a special gift to VIP donors, a fundraising event at the home in Cabo, etc.

There are many amazing, well-run non-profits but one dealing with pediatric “anything” is nearest and dearest to my heart. In Los Cabos, the Los Cabos Children's Foundation-LCCF has been doing INCREDIBLE things for over a decade and a half. It started out as one child needing cancer treatment and today they are helping 30,000+ kids every year in many areas. I'd love any input you may have to make this super fun project the BEST it could possibly be.  In advance, the kids and I want to thank you from the bottom of our glowing hearts. 

Also near and dear to my heart is the need to protect ours seas and oceans.  Locally, the Sea Shepard Conservation Society is doing amazing work fighting for the survival of the vaquita porpoise in the Sea of Cortez.  Globally, Ocean Unite is leading the way in conservation.